About Us

We are first time parents to a beautiful bub, little G, and like all parents want only the best for our child. So, we made a conscious decision to exercise a more organic and green lifestyle starting with eating right because my body was the temple that housed and nourished my precious baby. Furthermore, we stand committed to freeing ourselves, our  immediate living environment and our loved ones from toxic junk that is now a part of everyday life. This approach to wholesome living is threefold: how does it (what we use, eat etc)  affect our relationship with ourselves, how does it affect our relationship with each other and how does it affect our relationship with Mother Earth. Nestled in this lifestyle is a form of parenting known as green parenting- making healthier choices for your child’s wellbeing and as strong proponents of green parenting, we offer a myriad of organic products for the well-being of new mothers and their babies.  In the course of my pregnancy, I had to ask relatives or friends coming in from abroad to bring me what I needed- eventually, this got a bit tiring and realizing that there may be many others like me who wanted to make the right choices but could not due to in availability in Pakistan or various other reasons- I decided to open the Parentingle store. This may be a small step for us but is a giant leap for parents who want to improve their lifestyles and raise healthier and happier families.