Why Kids Lie & How Should Parents Respond

December 28, 2018
kids lie

I firmly believe that kids don’t lie because they’re ”bad” or ”morally corrupt”; they lie because they’re uncomfortable telling the truth.Hence, it is our responsibility as parents to find out the reason behind their discomfort, and learn how that lie helped the child to fix the problem.

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Etiquettes to follow when visiting a new mum

December 10, 2018

 My bestie recently gave birth which gave me the idea for this post. With two kids under two and no help ( except her hubby, of course), she’s at her wits ends. The house is a mess, she’s a mess-emotionally, physically, mentally and mom guilt is at it’s peak as she fails to attend to her toddler like she did earlier which only leads to more tantrums and subsequently more guilt. A tiresome cycle indeed! And to add to the equation a new , crying, colic-ridden baby, sleep deprivation and crazy hormones as you try to settle and forge a relationship with the new baby while sorting things out with your toddler- Phew!! Exhausting , right? Continue Reading…

A Miscarriage…And More

November 26, 2018

7 weeks and 4 days. The end of a beginning. My miscarriage.

”No heartbeat.” Two punches in the gut.

”I’m sorry.” The doc said softly while vainly searching for a heartbeat again.

And there it was. On the screen. Still. Like my heart. Like my very breath. Continue Reading…


Babies Educational World- A review

July 3, 2018
Educational toy review

I really do believe there’s no right or wrong way for kids to play. Play should be all about fun, enjoyment, thrill and ….LEARNING!. You see, with play, kids are always learning something even if it isn’t our intention to teach – social skills, gross motor skills and so on. With Baby G ( now Toddler G!! Oh how fast they grow!) close to hitting the 3 year mark, I decided to get her some educational toys from Babies Educational World. How did the experience fare? Read on to find out. Continue Reading…

DIY- Recipes and More

Home-made Cerelac Recipe

April 25, 2018
Home made cerelac recipe

Cerelac is most often the first weaning choice of food for the child. Never for my baby though!. As a big believer in home-made and organic, I searched high and low to find the perfect recipe which would be healthy, wholesome and incredibly delicious. And find I did! My baby’s pediatrician too advised me to stay away from packaged baby food and always go home-made. And who better to trust than the doc himself? Right? Continue Reading…

Myths of Child Sexual Abuse – Part I

April 12, 2018
Myths of child sexual abuse

Every now and then, a headline highlighting child sexual abuse flashes and we as humanity sink deeper into a dark abyss of shame and horror. We mourn, we lament, we offer support , opinions, our pearls of wisdom, shudder to think if it could be…no, no, it can’t be us, we are safe . No!, none of us are safe until we and are children are equipped with the right knowledge, solid support circle and the power to stand up and say no! Continue Reading…

The dilemmas facing our children today-Part 2

March 8, 2018
The Dilemmas Facing our Kids Today

Note: In the first part, we discuss the dilemmas facing our youth and in this part, we will offer solutions to overcome them.

Not all skills are innate, some are taught patiently through repetition and consistency. Just like we train our kids to use the toilet or brush their teeth every morning. These are all learned skills and just like that, we can teach our kids to overcome the challenges tempting them today. Continue Reading…


How I weaned my milkaholic toddler

December 25, 2017
Weaning - How I Weaned my milkaholic toddler

 Note: How I weaned my milk-addict toddler and a few surefire tips to ensure a smooth sailing.

Baby G was 20 months old when I successfully weaned her off. Up until then I had tried hard to reduce feedings but all my efforts were met with absolute defiance. She’d kick up a storm at not being given milk and I would eventually cave in. And we were stuck in this cycle for quite some time. Finally, we managed to scale this mountain too . Phew!! Continue Reading…