Repello by Aura Crafts Review- A DEET free repellant

January 4, 2018
Repello by Aura crafts Review

I came across Repello while searching for a chemical-free yet effective repellant for baby G. Having read up on the safety concerns of DEET, I was determined to find a cleaner alternative and that is when I came across  Repello by Aura Crafts.

Why is DEET unsafe?

DEET is a toxic pesticide that enters the bloodstream wreaking havoc on the central nervous system despite minimal application.

About Repello- The Repellant

Repello is a DEET free repellant made from natural ingredients and essential oils such as Citronella and Eucalyptus oils. These are nature’s barriers against the little buggers and just as effective as their chemical counterparts. Although, it does smell strongly of essential oils but that’s something I don’t mind because it still smells much better than other toxic repellants. Non-greasy and smooth to apply, it is compact enough to be carried in my handbag. And I always keep one extra in the baby’s nursery bag too . It does require re-application every 2 hours to maintain effectiveness.

Aura Crafts have done a tremendous job in coming up with this product and I just cannot commend them enough. The other offerings on the market were a big no-no for me and the baby- not only are they full of harmful chemicals but they also smell terrible!. I was planning to stock up on chemical free options on my trip to Dubai but thankfully, I, now have a great product easily available in Pakistan.

You can order it from Aura Crafts directly and it only costs 200 Rs.

PS: This is an unsponsored product review.

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