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Mutsy Evo Stroller Review

May 9, 2017

While looking for a stroller for Baby G, we wanted something that was extremely attractive, light weight and very practical. So we set down to thoroughly researching almost every stroller ( trust me- no joke!!) and zeroed in on the Mutsy. I must say, I’m happy that we made the best decision ever.

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How to calm a crying, fussy baby?

April 11, 2016

All babies are fussy- some unusually more so. And it can drive parents to their wits end as they go through a mental checklist:

 tummy full: check

-diaper clean: check

no clothes sticking to booty: check

too hot/too cold: check 

and so on…

But still no improvement. Baby G was an incredibly hard baby to please so I had to try almost everything I read, heard or came up with to calm her down. So, here are some of the ways you can calm your young one: Continue Reading…

Baby health & nutrition

How to protect your baby from Dengue

April 7, 2016
How to protect your baby from dengue

Dengue is a health scare in Pakistan and all over the world too with an estimated 100m cases reported worldwide every year. With summer creeping in on us in Lahore and the lawn mania spreading like wildfire, we have mosquito mania taking over too. It is of utmost importance to protect ourselves and our little ones from dengue. Please read on to find out more about it. Continue Reading…

Baby health & nutrition

So…Is it really colic?

April 7, 2016
Is it really colic

During pregnancy, I often imagined my time with my baby as a picture perfect one- a cooing , gurgling baby cradled in my lap; who smiled often, cried a little, slept aplenty with my hair curled round his finger. Alas! how wrong I was. What occurred instead baffled me- Baby G would scream like she was in intense pain and would scream for hours on end- with fists curled, back arched and legs stuck to her tummy. She would either pass gas or struggle to pass it or she would in between screams be stuck to my boob- lapping greedily for hours on end especially during late hours of the night from after midnight till 6-7 am. Everyday. A maddening rush to the hospital ended up with doctors comforting me with vague explanation: Continue Reading…

Mother and Baby

How to bathe your baby

March 19, 2016

Bathing your wriggly teensy weensy newborn can be a daunting but a fun and great bonding ritual. I was too scared of bathing my baby and she almost slipped out of my hand once. Following that mini heart attack, I tried a few different ways of bathing her and finally settled on one that was easy for me and relaxing for my baby. Here are few things one must keep in mind when bathing your little ‘un. Continue Reading…

Mother and Baby

The best home remedy for rashes – tried and tested

March 14, 2016
Baby rashes

DD was a fall baby but in Dubai it was still quite sunny- so initially I gave her a lot of air time and kept her in cloth diapers that were changed every time she peed or pooped ( obviously!!)- this kept the baby rashes at bay. As it became cooler, I was forced to keep her diapers which gave her the most horrible rashes!! In desperation, I tried everything- from DIY’s to ointments but nothing seemed to work until I came across this gem. It was an instant hit!!. Continue Reading…