The dilemmas facing our children today-Part 2

March 8, 2018
The Dilemmas Facing our Kids Today

Note: In the first part, we discuss the dilemmas facing our youth and in this part, we will offer solutions to overcome them.

Not all skills are innate, some are taught patiently through repetition and consistency. Just like we train our kids to use the toilet or brush their teeth every morning. These are all learned skills and just like that, we can teach our kids to overcome the challenges tempting them today.

Ten minutes a day

Did you know that the average parent spends less than 20 minutes a day playing with their kids? 

Quite shocking right? I know!. Try to reconnect with your kids everyday. Have one-on-one time with each child without any electronics or distractions for at least 10 minutes everyday. Allow your child to takeover and lead the play ( Let them pick the activity). Hopefully, this will eliminate/ minimize any parenting guilt you feel and help you connect to your child. it’s not difficult, just go back to your childhood and do what our parents did before technology took over our lives.

Let them be bored

“Don’t always stress about providing something for your kids to do. Boredom won’t kill them- it will actually make them stronger.” – American Journal of Preventive Medicine

Instead of always trying to keep our kids busy, we must let them be bored. Don’t offer an electronic device to keep them busy, don’t offer to take them somewhere.

Just let them be bored and watch:

  • Watch your child’s mind become quiet and watch his interests take over
  • Watch as it leads him to create his own fun.
  • Watch as his need or instant gratification fades away.

Boredom is the path to learning about one’s self.


Spend time over meals talking, drop whatever you’re doing when your kids come home from school to talk to them for a few minutes. Learn more about their lives and show genuine interest.

Give responsibilities

Chores are so much more than just cleaning. Responsibilities increase their self-worth and instill confidence and teamwork in them. It teaches them to work and to take care of things.

” To develop a high self-esteem, a person needs a purpose. A key component to high self-esteem relies on how you view yourself regarding contribution. In other words, in the child development process, chores are a big role in a kid’s self esteem”


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The dilemma facing our kids today

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